Sabbatical Part 9

Summer students are finishing their ten-week research projects, we started receiving emails about the upcoming semester, and there’s a general buzz about campus.  Classes are fast approaching, and my year-long junior leave is (almost) over.

Wrapping Up with Wickelfisch

My final academic travel of sabbatical was to ISMB/ECCB 2019, which was held in Basel in July.  I presented a poster on hypergraph connectivity measures and my student Ananthan Nambiar presented a poster on NLP approaches for protein family classification before heading to a PhD program at UIUC (check out the posters page on my website).  It was also great to see work from my graduate group (Brown) and postdoc group (Virginia Tech) presented as posters, invited talks, and papers.

Basel was a beautiful city, though it was surprisingly easy to accidentally end up in France or Germany.  There was a heat wave, but we managed with extra servings of gelato and floating down the Rhine with our waterproof swim bags (a.k.a. wickelfisch):

Even though sabbatical is over, there will still be lots to write about! I’m excited to get back to teaching – I’m offering my upper-level computational systems biology course and a sophomore-level course on scientific literacy that will be team-taught with cell biologist superstar Derek Applewhite.

Stay tuned for more news about science, academia, and undergraduate education.


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