My dream job

In a few short weeks, I will start my second post-Ph.D. adventure as an Assistant Professor at Reed College, a small liberal arts school in Portland, Oregon.  My time as a postdoctoral researcher in the Computer Science Department at Virginia Tech gave me invaluable experience with writing papers and grant proposals, mentoring undergraduate and graduate students, and learning how to lead a research group.  My Ph.D. and post-doctoral background set me up to pursue a faculty position at a research university (an “R1”).  I love doing research, and I am excited to continue my projects from my Ph.D. and postdoc.  So why is Reed College — a school with only about 1,400 total undergraduates, no graduate programs, and no Computer Science Department — my dream job?  Before I become too disillusioned, I will attempt to answer this question, one reason at a time.  Stay tuned.

Eliot Hall. Photo courtesy of Reed College/Stuart Mullenberg


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