Plugging in could be messing with your circadian rhythm

Many of the people we are reading in the New Media Seminar encourage the ubiquitous nature of technology, envisioning a world where people use technology seamlessly in their everyday lives.  In many ways, we have realized this dream.  But there may be some costs that even Bush, Englebart, and Nelson couldn’t foresee.  Wired recently posted an article about the effect of electric light on human health. Studies are finding that daily screen exposure is correlated with some big-time diseases and illnesses — such as cancer, disease and depression — in part due to electric light messing with people’s circadian rhythm.  As we finally have the data to study long-term effects of electric light, we may find that our culture is already too entrenched in technology to make sweeping changes to how people interact with their laptop, tablet, or phone.


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